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VIOLENT STUDENTS -- Party Addiction

Image of VIOLENT STUDENTS -- Party Addiction

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Mems of Watery Love, Clockcleaner, Blues Control..

"...But I's always said Violent Students needed to have an lp, a crucial, vinyl document on how they's put their there there. And this 'Party Addiction' is just sucha beast. Evidently culled from a recordin of the final live performance + a recroak of the 'A Handy Magician' cassette, there's is two ways to hear 'n assimilate this masterpiece of gunk; as either wretchin your way through Cro Mags demo's played at half speed w/a tummy ache (too much veganaise on the non gluten tater tots will do that!) or as Hajokaidian convulsing in spasms from mercury poisoning while coverin Psycho Sin's entire output. No way to know how your wired friend, but from my culture bunker this is win/win all the way home." - Roland Woodbe, Siltblog

Here's the last gasp effort from VIOLENT STUDENTS, a defunct Philadelphia-based black hole Punk / HC outfit whose wasters have been and continue to be involved in some arguably more-refined and mature projects. This self-medicated, throbbing set was recorded live at their final gig inside a South Philadelphia firetrap before a crowd of black-clad pencil-necked geeks that shrank with each passing tic of the metronome. Most of those intensely posed youngsters left too early to witness an exploratory stomp through “Seekers of the Truth”. The Students here are joined by BLUES CONTROL’s Lea Cho, who was a last second replacement on guitar when Jim Winters (of Earth Crisis, Conviction, etc) proved tardy. The flip side is A Handy Magician, originally infamously issued as a cassette in 2004 or so. And as a more articulate scribe has famously noted, if you remember a Violent Students gig, then you weren’t there.